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Some September Posts from 2009-2015

Thinking back on the past seven years of this blog I figured it would be worth sharing posts (some good and some not so good) that were written in September from 2009 until 2015. So here they are:

1. People Who Don't Believe in the Labour Theory of Value Are Stupid [2009]. Apologies for the ableist language, something I've tried to delete from my lexicon in the past five or six years but apparently not in 2009.

2. On Anti-Intellectual "Leftism" [2010]. Kept going back to this one when I was critiquing the opposite tendency, academic obscurantism.

3. Marxism Beyond Marx, Leninism Beyond Lenin, Maoism Beyond Mao [2011]. The reflections here were actually influential to the years of draft work that would develop into Continuity and Rupture.

4. Interpreting the World [2012]. Another formative post, something that would eventually lead me to write a manuscript I am still working on about the meaning of philosophy from a radical left position… This was also written nine days before my daughter was born.

5. On The Critique of Identity Politics (and the inability to read) [2013]. A ranty complaint about the way my nuanced "Ten Theses" critique of identity politics was misunderstood by trolls who didn't read it (or the back links), leading to a terrible misconception that I was arguing for that really shitty cis white dude class essentialism (which I have also critiqued a lot, a lot, a lot) when in fact I was calling for an end to the petty-b mobilization of identity politics. As I'm sure regular readers know, I have little patience for people who can't be bothered to read what I write and then misrepresent it.

6. Reflections on the New Edition of Sakai's *Settlers* [2014]. That is, the BOOK Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat and not the GAME. For those who still haven't had a chance to read Sakai's controversial yet extremely important intervention, you should check it out!

7. Let's Read *Terrorist Assemblages*! A Phenomenological Review: Chapter Two [2015]. Last of the series, unfortunately. Ended up reading the book quicker than I could write in this style of paragraph by paragraph reflection. I was inspired by Ronan Wills "Let's Read" posts about SFF books to this with Puar's theory but, unfortunately, it doesn't work as well with theory as it does with SFF.