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Guerrilla Poet Passes: Obituary for Joma Sison

 Jose Maria Sison, affectionately known as Joma, one of the great revolutionary figures of the latter half of the 20th Century, has just passed away. This death follows that of other revolutionaries of the same generation and camp: Comrade Zia in 2020 and Chairman Gonzalo in 2021 . Like them, Joma founded the contemporary revolutionary movement in his country, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) with its New People's Army (NPA). Like them, he was the principle theorist of this revolutionary movement––writing also under the names Amada Guerrero and Armando Liwanag . After the reestablishment of the CPP in 1968, and the First Great Rectification Movement, Joma's leading role in the CPP and its people's war, led to his arrest in 1977 by the Marcos regime. After years in prison and solitary confinement he was released only to be exiled to Utrecht. Meanwhile the CPP/NPA generated new leaderships (and eventually a Second Great Rectification Movement) and Joma, though n