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Apologies and Complaints: Posting Infrequency

Apologies to my regular readers for the longer spaces between posts.  I realize that, in the past year, my posting frequency has dwindled to the point that I only have one post this month, which is reflections on a book I read, and find the thought of posting something else terribly exhausting.  Hence, I've decided to waste a post explaining my current inability to post with the same consistency as I posted in the past in order to: a) apologize to my faithful readers who might be growing impatient with this blog; b) provide at least something to read so that this month is not represented by just a single post. The first and most obvious justification for my lack of posting frequency is that my life is extremely busy, which I've already indicated in previous posts.  Since September 2014, in order to save money because childcare is not socialized, we've had our daughter out of daycare and have cleverly organized our work schedules around her childcare.  Due to the fact that

Reflections on Robert Biel's *The Entropy of Capitalism*

At the conclusion of The Communist Necessity  I wrote: "the window in which we can make revolution is closing as the world approaches the armageddon promised by the logic of capital."  The intention of this claim was to point out the necessity of organizing in the face of capitalism's depletion of liveable existence, arguing that we needed to get our shit together because, due to capitalism's internal logic, it might be too late to continue waiting until the current mode of production has played its course.  At that time I had not read Robert Biel's The Entropy of Capitalism ––though I had helped edit the second edition of his earlier manuscript, Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement ––and he was nice enough to write a blurb for the back of The Communist Necessity … I really wish I had read his most recent book, however, considering that The Entropy of Capitalism dove-tailed with the conclusion of my book. Yep, same picture as last post.  Um… I thought I'