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On Ajith

As I have argued and asserted for a long time, Ajith is one of the important thinkers of the modern Maoist movement. His Against Avakianism , though it is largely concerned with the deviation of Avakian's "New Synthesis", uses this debate within the ICM to establish significant principles just as Engels' Anti-Duhring  established similar principals against Eugen Duhring who is now a nobody. Just as we don't read Anti-Duhring  to learn about the thoughts of Eugen Duhring, we shouldn't read Against Avakianism  as a historiography of Bob Avakian's thought: it is what is established against this deviation that matters. This is not to say that Against Avakianism  has the same theoretical status as Anti-Duhring ; the analogy, here, is meant to indicate that it possesses the same function––it theoretically "spills" beyond its polemical target. For those outside of the Maoist International Communist Movement (ICM), it might seem a bit strange that an ent