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On the Continuity and Rupture book launches to date

Since the release of Continuity and Rupture  in December I have been busy hustling this book at launches in various cities. Thankfully it's doing quite well (or so it seems) and so far has garnered two favourable reviews: one by Hamayon Rastgar in Marx and Philosophy Review of Books , and one over at Tiger Manifesto . In lieu of editing, laying-out, and posting the final section of my Right against Right  extended essay, I've decided to blog a little (that is, shamelessly self-promote) on my book launch experiences to date. 1. Toronto Launch Hosted by Another Story Bookstore , this launch was packed with Toronto colleagues, comrades, and fellow travellers. Anjula Gogia, formerly the key organizer of the late Toronto Women's Bookstore , was the Another Story  events coordinator who made the event a success and I'm very thankful for her kindness and acumen. She was also generous in allowing me to have a panel where the politics of the book were discussed rather than

On Attempts to Downplay Homegrown Fascism: Robin Philpot, racist apologist

Like so many others I avoided writing about the recent massacre of Qu├ębec Muslims because I felt the message of the attack was clear: fascism was alive and well in Canada, that its reemergence was not simply tied to Trump's election, and that there was no point in misery blogging an event that possessed such a clear message. That is, if we care about humanity, our outrage about an event should not require another online article that states the obvious; such articles might serve to cheapen the violence by using the massacre to make a point that was already clear. Islamophobia is alive and well, it's part of the politics of an ascending right, and this political sequence was already determined by multiple Canadian politicians and organizations who have sanitized ahead of time this indefensible violence. But then Counterpunch published an article by Robin Philpot, The New World Order Hits Quebec City , and I'm so incensed by such a distortion of reality and avoidance of culp