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"Right Against Right": Chapter 3 and Epilogue [download]

Finally, after many months and a lot of shameless self-promotion for my books, I edited the final chapter and epilogue of Right Against Right , formatted them, and made them available for download. I apologize for the 5 month delay; the editing and layout didn't take me that long so I have no idea why I waited so long. For those who might be unfamiliar with this serialized extended essay, Right Against Right  is my longer and more involved discussion on the problematic of free speech. It should be relevant in a context where the convention of free speech is being mobilized by reactionaries against progressives and when liberals, because of their dedication to this convention, support the former over the latter. It is also opposed to pseudo-progressive valorizations of the convention of free speech in that it argues that this convention is thoroughly liberal. (The prologue is available here , the first chapter here , and the second chapter here .) In the third chapter I exa