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This hodge-podge site is generally devoted to the philosophy of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communism, but in a more blaise manner than my academic work.  Those posts that do not obviously demonstrate this theoretical commitment do so implicitly.  Although you may encounter dry and boring essays, never fear!  There are also film and book reviews, comics, and grumpily humourous rants that, speaking from personal experience, are much more enjoyable.

M-L-M Mayhem! is not meant to represent a dogmatic-sectarian commitment to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, though some of the more humour-ranting posts might lead the uncareful reader to presume that this is the case.  As an academic who studies political theory, I'm interested in the philosophical issues and quandaries surrounding this historical enunciation of communism and in investigating what I take to be logical reasons for adopting this theoretical approach.  The historical questions raised by the two world historical revolutions in Russia and China should not be ignored, but neither should the reasons for their failure.

I am an academic with a PhD in Philosophy who works on historical materialist engagements with colonialism, subjectivity, aesthetics, and the contradictions of radical struggle.  Since I am currently a contract/casualized labourer, if by some bizarre stroke of luck you want to hire me at your university or community college I would be very happy.  My academic profile can be found here.

My first book, The Communist Necessity (published by the radical press Kersplebedeb), can be ordered from the publisher here, although it is also available on Amazon, distributed by AK Press in the US, and is most likely at your local lefty bookshop if such a thing exists in your town.

My second book, Continuity and Rupture (published by Zero Books), can be ordered from a variety of sites – and perhaps even from your local bookstore – that are catalogued on the book's home page with the publisher.

DISCLAIMER: Apparently some people have conflated my views with the views of the organization I support and promote, the PCR-RCP.  While my personal views are definitely influenced by the theoretical position of that organization, this is also a personal blog and not an official organ of that party.  Thus, unless I note a PCR-RCP position specifically (i.e. when I quote its documents, link to one of its official sites, etc.) please do not take what is said on this blog as some sort of official party position.