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Shit I've Published In the Past Several Months

Although I have been posting here with less and less frequency, I have been writing and publishing elsewhere. Aside from my upcoming co-authored book,  Methods Devour Themselves , in the past several months I have written and published a few articles. In lieu of writing a proper post, here is what I have published since January. 1. Benjanun Sriduangkaew's Winterglass and Necropolitics My first (and maybe only?) officially published review of a work of fiction. As regular readers are probably aware, one of my favourite contemporary SFF authors is Sriduangkaew. Indeed, she guest posted on this blog about the book I reviewed just before it was released. Winterglass  is a phenomenal novella, tightly plotted and beautifully written, and my review focused on the philosophical notions it evoked. Thankfully,  minor literature[s] , the literary journal that published my review, promotes the kind of book reviews that a philosopher would write. I hope the review, despite at least one fla

A Thesaurus of the Revolutionary Concept

I have long argued that we have a duty to reclaim and preserve the revolutionary concepts and terminology that have been won through class struggle. Core concepts of the science from Marx to Mao are scientific notions, key to building and operationalizing a revolutionary movement. To give up on these concepts because they have been rendered insensible to various strata of the masses due to decades of anti-communist propaganda, or to dismiss them as old-fashioned because they are out of step with academic fads, would be a mistake. Their meaning has been proven by class struggle, which makes them correct, and we cannot build a sustainable movement based on incorrect conceptions. At the same time, and following Mao's criticisms in documents such as Oppose Stereotyped Party Writing , I am well aware that there are ways in which the terminology surrounding these concepts can be rendered sterile, their dynamic meaning locked in static formal patterns. We only need to look at the ways i