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Ten Theses on Regroupment Politics

1 The left regroupment strategy is a rightist approach to organization with left costuming.  Although it likes to imagine itself as a "left" alternative to the supposed "rightism" of building the kernel of a revolutionary party that is united in theory in practice, in practice it is a generally conservative theory of organization. The fact that it dares to imagine itself as a strategy of taking state power, when it is simply a theory of developing an organization, demonstrates its conservatism: it cannot think beyond the baby-steps of building a movement and so pretends that these baby-steps amount to revolutionary strategy. 2 Proponents of left regroupment begin with the proposition of a project wherein a vague  communist pole  is hypostatized as a magnet, a position in which to draw in all the fragments of a shattered left who will agree with this project.  The point is to initiate a process, the end goal of which might be a party, and to reject those appro

The "acrackedmoon" Affair and its Discontents

EDIT/UPDATE (25/01/2016): When I wrote this it was directly following the Mixon Report and thus was unable to a thorough social investigation beyond what was already written and claimed. Since then I have become convinced that my initial suspicions about the Report's opportunism, and the character of those lining up to punish/silence Sriduangkaew, were not only correct but did not go far enough. Only a few months after I wrote this at least one response to the Mixon Report was written, thus providing me with a bigger picture of the event. Since then (based on investigation, my own experience with Sriduangkaew's blog, interactions with her detractors and Sriduangkaew) I have become convinced that the targeting of Sriduangkaew was not only designed to silence her criticism of an author who was poised to release a best-selling work that was extremely orientalist (Tricia Sullivan's Shadowboxer ), but was isometric to the open reactionary politics expressed by the "Puppies&

Good and Bad Reviews of *The Communist Necessity*: some responses

There are now a number of reviews of my book, The Communist Necessity , that have thankfully proven it has not been greeted with silence.  Although two of these reviews, to date, have been completely negative, four of them have not, even if they have been critical about certain aspects of my treatise.  But as the adage goes, no press is bad press––and so I am thankful for even the negative reviews, as baseless as I feel these reviews might be.  In any case, for those who have not yet read my book––or for those who have read it and might still be convinced to write a review––I am going to use this post to provide something of a map of the reviews to date, as well as providing two PDFs of my responses to those reviews that I felt were extremely problematic. 1) The Good Four of the six reviews that exist so far have been generally positive, though still critical.  Of course, I am happy that they are critical; the different criticisms they have raised have come from a position