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Critical Essay on Laruelle [download]

It's been a while since I posted for a variety of reasons, but mainly the energy consumed by work and childcare. In the spare writing time I've possessed I have preferred to work on other projects: essays for journal submission, manuscripts for future publication considering that I seem to be having luck with that, and reading notes for books I've been trying to eliminate from my always growing book queue. But two things that I've been writing, amongst other things, in the interim were not intended for journal submission and do not work as parts of larger book projects although they did come out of these projects. Hence, I will be posting them, in some shape or form, on this blog. The first, which I will be posting later when it is properly edited, is a fun engagement with the concept of the party that, inspired by reading Jodi Dean's recent book and tangental concerns of my upcoming Continuity and Rupture , will work as a kind of promotional for this book's r