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My Favourite "Profound" Political Insights That Are Actually Banal

Recorded in terrible student essays, recited ad nauseaum by your parents and highschool teachers, spewed like supposed epiphanies from acquaintances who think they are extremely clever... I have always found it annoying that some people will say things that are so banal, and that we've heard over and over, and yet think they have come to some unique and profound political insight.  So here follows my favourite of these idiot revelations. 1) "Unions were important, like, a hundred years ago but now they've outgrown their purpose." I last heard this one from one of my neighbours who, after a recent Toronto garbage workers strike, was offended by the fact that I was wearing a CUPE shirt.  This just after she was trying to tell me how "radical" she and her roommates were for shirking the man in their organic/local food movement.  The labour movement, I suppose, just wasn't radical enough. Apparently she didn't realize that her unique insight is the