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Torsion & Tension [Chapter Four, PDF download]

Okay, back to copy-editing and serializing this aborted project on materialist dialectics of mine. Since copy-editing is boring, and since I've been immersed in the boredom of marking, I temporarily set it aside. (I should mention, here, that I probably shouldn't be using the word "boring" in this context because I'm currently reading Julian Jason Haladyn's excellent book on boredom that is making me reconsider the way in which it is used as a concept.) But now it's ready to go and you can click the link to download Chapter Four of Torsion and Tension at the bottom of this entry.

Again here is the Table of Contents with the entries to date:

Chapter One: The Meaning of Dialectical Materialism
Chapter Two: Dialectical Logic Defined
Chapter Three: Pseudo-dialectics
Chapter Four: Unity of Opposites
Chapter Five: The Fundamental Contradiction of Dialectical Materialism

Download Chapter Four


  1. come on man, get this published as a proper book. i cant stand having stacks of 8.5 x 11 printed paper sitting around the house.

    1. Yes, I will just magically get a publisher to accept it, lol. My reasons for not pursuing this project were explained earlier and I stand by them: I have better projects to work on. Glad to know, though, that you would buy it! Most people prefer to get these things for free so your comment here is somewhat unique. Doesn't change the fact that I still consider this a dead end project for a whole host of reasons.

      Also, you don't have to print it out!


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