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I'm on Twitter and other announcements

Although I still have the final chapter and epilogue of my dialectical materialist draft to post, and should probably copy-edit them sooner rather than later, I've been busy with all of the nitty-gritty of life, my job, and other things in the past two weeks that copy-editing an abandoned project has been my last priority. So here are some general announcements.

1) I'm on Twitter now because I figured (for some reason) it might be worth trying out and, with a new book soon to be released, upping my social media profile might be useful. And I was kind of bored one night and thought it might be interesting to dive into this "tweeting" nonsense. Now I just want to come up with pithy one-liners all the time though I'm not very good at it… perhaps I'm doomed to end up tweeting "cute" things about my kid. In any case, if any MLM Mayhem readers are on the twitters please follow me! At the moment I'm only following a few people I know, some political orgs, and sci-fi/fantasy authors I like. [I'm also thinking of just putting together an author website page on something like wix that is just a professional "he writes these books go buy them" kind of thing.] My twitter handle is @MLM_Mayhem.

2) Finished my reread of Caliban and the Witch and enjoyed being reminded of the parts I liked in the past, and noticing things I had either missed or forgotten. There were theoretical decisions here and there that I disagreed with (i.e. those moments where Federici seems to argue that a mystified view of reality was less harmful to humanity than a rational view when the latter also produces, you know, vaccinations – something dialectical was missing) that hadn't bothered me in my first read, but they were marginal. Now I have a marked up copy to return to. I have also almost finished Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan and have a half-finished reflection ready to complete and blog when I get through this book's appendix. And while reading these two books I also finished the much shorter but elegantly written Boredom and Art by Julian Jason Haladyn: there were parts where he was writing about the avant garde that made me think that, if the term "vanguard party" was substituted for "avant garde" art and other terms made isometric you would get some pretty interesting statements about the revolutionary party.

3) Busy with the 15 Years Of War coalition that seems to hold a lot of successful events, and gets people interested, but is having a little difficulty pulling in new people who are on the list serve to organizational meetings. Also, thanks to the work of comrades who have been putting in a lot of time and effort recently, we're going to have a red contingent at this year's May Day.

4) The manuscript for Zero was recently returned with edits, making me realize that I can't properly remember how editing was done before the rise of "track changes"… And I should know because most the revisions of my doctoral dissertation were done without track changes. Endorsement blurbs are rolling in, and some of them are quite exciting. (I'm not going to say who is endorsing my book yet––it shall be a surprise––but needless to say I'm very happy with who agreed and what they've written.) I want to remind people of the cover image contest and also remind them that, before you submit an image, think to yourself: would I purchase a book with this picture on it? If your answer is "no" then don't submit.


  1. Hey JMP, do you happen to know anywhere I can get a physical copy of Class Struggles in the USSR: Third Period? Can' t find it online at all. Is it at Maison Norman Bethune?

    Also have you chosen a cover for the contest yet :D?


    1. Pretty much is the best bet. As for choosing a cover, no I have not.


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