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"Toddler Curates Library" [on tumblr]

For those interested in all things my daughter, I have started a non-serious, and possibly overly "cute", tumblr entitled Toddler Curates Library.  Starting a tumblr account was interesting; in fact I've always been interested in the whole tumblr thing (that somewhere between twitter and wordpress feeling it gives me) ever since quotes from some of my articles were posted and reposted on innumerable tumblr sites.  Indeed, I've chosen to follow on my tumblr account (because you have to) at least one of the tumblr bloggers, pomeranian privilege, who has recently quoted me.

Anyhow, the theme of my blog-lite is simply to take pictures of the books my daughter takes from the adult bookshelves (she does this a lot) and what she does with them.  Since the combined library of my partner and myself is pretty large (and in our cramped living space results in bookshelves all over the place), and also somewhat eclectic (we can't say no to used books given to us and have a hard time throwing things away), hopefully a very interesting collection of books will be represented by what Samiya chooses to take from our library.

my tumblr avatar

Also, for those interested in knowing what I have on my shelf, you can practice your sordid book voyeurism by following Toddler Curates Library.


  1. For cool Maoist blogs, check out brown-eggs, invinciblemaozedong, and barefootdrdre!

    1. I think IMZ (now murderousterroristicdictator) is done with tumblr. fourwindsshotgun is another good left blogger.

  2. Happy New Year Comrade J. I have not posted in a while. Like you, I have been pre occupied with raising the next generation of revolutionaries.
    I did read hour posts regarding Stalinism and have been working on a reply of sorts. You have me at a disadvantage being a universe ahead of me philosophically and intellectually. This being said, your posts really got me thinking and my engagement with the subject of Stalin and his works has increased exponentially.
    I have been reading Getty, Carr, Kotkin, Roberts, and others. Stalin's works are on my reading list as well. I am going for furr and others next. Jesus, I even got hold of Glanz's books on Stalingrad (a favorite subject of mine-- I love military history). You've stirred a hornets nest but I don't want to go off half cocked (like a liberal) and get blow out of the water trying to debate you.

    I would prefer to be able to at least hold my ground...for a bit anyway.

    Rest assured though a reply is coming. While I generally agree with your positions and follow your lead 95% of the time, regarding "Stalinism" we may have some differences. For now, the relative position of a (very) amateur Marxist (wannabe Maoist) and yes, Stalinist, is this: the architect and leader of the defence of the first communist revolution deserves his silhouette beside Marx, Lenin and Mao.
    There is no disrespect intended here. In fact, I am positive you will do a good job of dismantling my position piece by piece.


    1. Hey RRH,

      As always, it's good to hear from you. Just to be fair, my somewhat rhetorical argument about the floating heads was simply to insist that we Maoists refer to these heads according to the development of universal theoretical development––which is why Engels and Stalin aren't in there––not that Stalin's head (or Engels' for that matter) should be dropped because we are opposed to their legacy. If those heads were simply meant to be symbolic of important communist thinkers/leaders then Engels and Stalin would belong (as would others perhaps). I do believe the aspects of Stalin's legacy that had to do with the defence of the first communist revolution are worth defending; my interest, though, was dealing with a phenomenon that could be termed "Stalinism" that is not reducible, and should not be reducible, to the actual person of Stalin.

      In any case, I would be interested in reading your response. If you want, I would also be willing to host it on this site as a post rather than fragmented amongst comments––let me know if you're interested. Nor do I think I would "dismantle" your position; good exchanges are useful in that they hope both parties learn about a theoretical/practical issue and I'm sure I could learn from your intervention.

      All the best!

    2. Sounds good.

      A certain child of mine is in need of assistance with a paper on a terrorist organization. She picked NATO. I'm sure you understand she will experience a certain amount of flak over this. We are working hard to make sure that she follows the assignment instructions to the letter. She has write this in APA, with a bibliography and appendix. It is her first "proper" paper (she's in grade 12). I've explained to her that following the rules in terms of form is doubly important in this case as the content, especially if well proven, will draw fire.

      Incidentally, have you read Forte's book on Libya, "Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO's War on Libya and Africa"? She's using it as a source for her paper. I read it last week and I have to say this Canadian anthropologist's analysis of the overthrow of Kaddafi is much stronger than anything I have seen out of the Canadian left; especially the trot left, i'm referring, as an example, to that Ontario formation, Fightback, which still celebrates the "revolution" in Libya. How a NATO backed, religious fundamentalist, racist genocidal rampage can be considered revolutionary, in the Marxist since, illudes me.

      Regardless, I will keep working on the Stalinism position and appreciate your interest -- and patience!!!!

    3. It certainly does sound like your daughter will set off a small controversy. I hope my own daughter, when she is old enough, will do the same! Also, if you ever have any time in the future it would be great to hear about your reflections on leftist parenting in an article that again I would be happy to host. If she's in grade 12 she definitely has the experience––too bad you aren't in the region (or at least, from what I recall, you aren't) because it would great to recruit her into one of the RSM groups!

      No, I haven't read Forte's book yet though I have heard good reviews from my friends and colleagues who do work on contemporary imperialism. You're probably the fifth or sixth person who has recommended it… As for Fightback, I stopped taking them seriously the moment I read their ideologues' book about science where they claim, without physics degrees, that the Big Bang theory and Dark Matter are unscientific because dialectical materialism proves them wrong and a whole bunch of other parascientific nonsense dressed up as "dialectical". They are also known for doing 180s on positions but never criticizing their earlier stance. For instance, they claimed that there was "dual power" in Syria once because of the FSA but then, once NATO started beating the war drums, had some other position. They also wrote a long article about how the coup in Egypt "wasn't really a coup" but represented the revolutionary wishes of the people and then, a week later, once the military regime started executing people, took a completely opposite position and pretended as if their previous one didn't exist. So their thoughts on Libya need to be seen in that uncritical, unscientific context.

      Good luck to your daughter!

    4. Oh wait, were you asking if I could assist in some way with the paper? Because if that's the case, feel free to send me a draft and I will do my best to look it over and offer suggestions. I was looking for this old book on the modern concept of Terror/Terrorism (well only 10-15 years old) that talks about the way in which the concept has been created and developed through imperialism over the years, but I can't find it or recall the author. It was very small, though, and concise.

    5. Comrade J,
      Thank you for the offer of assistance. It was not my intention to call on you for help. We're doing well. In another time, I managed to complete a few university courses and have (like you) style guides and some completed papers as references.

      I won't lie, I did take a bit of pleasure when I saw my daughter's look of surprise when I hauled out the books and some of my old work. I even came across some of the stuff I wrote in my union and SP days . Some day I just might revisit that stuff and criticize my positions. At a glance, I don't subscribe to half of those position today.


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