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Out to Ottawa on Saturday!

The end of the Campaign to support the Peoples War of India approaches and soon it will be time for those of us who are participating in those demos and events organized in our areas.  For those of us who live in eastern Canada, there is the demonstration on Saturday in Ottawa that will be supported by contingents from various cities.

Again I want to emphasize, as I did in my previous post, the importance of making this protracted and historical struggle more visible in the centres of capitalism.  So often we focus on those struggles that seem "fresh" and "new", manic rebellions that explode without warning only to disappear just as quickly, fetishizing each manifestation if it's the newest thing.  But for those of us who are communists––although it is our job, to paraphrase Fanon, to sanction every rebellion no matter how desperate––we need to pay more attention to those struggles that are organized and unified with the intention of establishing communism.

As the above map demonstrates, the Peoples War in India has sliced its way through the country: here is the so-called "red corridor" used in comprador Indian propaganda to fear monger amongst the ruling classes.  Whereas so many euro-communists were able to ignore the peoples war in Nepal (only to suddenly become "experts" when the rightist political line gain dominance, pretending that they had predicted this failure from the beginning even though they had never bothered to act as decent internationalists in the first place), sometimes joking in an unprincipled manner that Nepal's size and significance in global politics meant that they should pay less attention, the revolutionary movement in India cannot be ignored for the same deplorable reasons.

I am also tired of those amongst the mainstream left who make jokes about the maoist obsession with South Asia as if we are simply fetishizing India and Nepal.  This has nothing to do with the region in particular but with our commitment to support the kind of communism that has learned from the past and is carrying forward an advanced revolutionary struggle.  We also support the revolution in the Philippines, we support the memory of the PPW in Peru and what it was able to accomplish before degenerating, we look forward to supporting the future PPW in Afghanistan, as well as the foundation of a new RIM, and every struggle theoretically unified under the banner of revolutionary communism.  This is simply a basic requirement of internationalism, and we are also internationalists in our support of all struggles, even if they fail to move to the level of the aforementioned struggles, against imperialism and capitalism.

(For those interested, it is worth reading the greetings the CPI(Maoist) has sent to those willing to be internationalists.)

In my last post I also asked my readers and blog comrades to respond by advertising the campaign.  Thanks to Angry Marxists and Fivefold Path for providing their support.  And special regards to The Speed of Dreams that posted on the week before I finished my last post, and that has been supporting the PPW in India for a long time, as well as posting pretty much every day of the campaign with information and details on the campaign and the struggle in India.  Furthermore, Signalfire, which is usually a great source for news on revolutionary movements around the world, put out a serious amount of information on the revolution in India this week.

Hopefully I'll see some of my Canadian blogosphere comrades in a couple days.


  1. Hey, JMP, really enjoyed your previous post on this. Do you know of any organizing around this in the US? Perhaps in New York? I haven't seen or heard anything and don't see Kasama or RCP-USA discussing it. I don't really know what other organizations might take this up.

    Also, really like the new layout, especially the RSS feed.


    1. I don't know much of what's going on in the US. I know there's stuff happening in Europe: the call has been largely promoted by the Maoist Road magazine, where a lot of the former RIM types and some other parties around the world interact, and I know the RCP-USA is not a participant. Nor is Kasama. Even still, I heard something about there being something in New York, though I don't know the folks responsible.

    2. Oh, and also, glad you like the new look. The RSS feed has definitely doubled my traffic!


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