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New Look for 2012!!

Really, I should have done this in 2011.  For the longest time I wasn't entirely happy with the look of my blog, and some of my faithful readers have complained about its ugliness (although I still like white on black, damnit, even if it does burn your retinae!), but I just didn't have the energy or time to waste switching things around.  Too many bloody choices of templates equals confused inaction.  That and the fact that I can finally admit that blogspot was crap compared to wordpress.  Truthfully, considering how much I hate shite design when it comes to magazines, posters, book covers, etc., it's amazing that I endured the shitty appearance of my blog for so long.

But now blogspot is offering these new "dynamic" blog templates and so I finally caved, spent about an hour converting the links from my blogroll into a separate page, and another hour torturing myself over the fact that it was all changing… And here is an attempt at making MLM Mayhem look different.  It's an occasion for a party:

You all know what kind of "party" I really mean.

If you click on the left hand drop down menu where it is currently default-set to "magazine" you should be able to see other viewing options.  Some of them are far too cluttered and more deserving of the name "dynamic", but right now I am going back and forth between "magazine" and "sidebar".

Updated for the impending apocalypse New Age gurus and other mystificatory conspiracy-theorists claim will happen in 2012 (based on a eurocentric-appropriated false reading of the Mayan calendar), this blog will now hopefully appear cleaner and easier to read.  This raises the question: was the bourgeois theorist Marshall McLuhan correct in assuming that the "medium is the message" (or, as he would later say, "the massage")?  Will the transformation of the blog medium result in a better overall message?  After experimenting with this transformed blog for over twenty-four hours, I was shocked to discover that my blog traffic swelled to over 1,000 hits on a single day: so either blogspot is lying about my traffic in order to trick me into keeping this "dynamic" setting, or the transformed medium worked.  (Or I'm committing one of two possible fallacies noted in the previous post.)

Since I noticed the too-cool-for-school couple at the table behind me staring hypnotically at my computer screen, I'm assuming I have their approval of coolness.  Or maybe not: I also feel I should leave this new neighbourhood bar, which turned out to be a hipster bar, because I feel like a total leftist nerd.  Apparently my "Serve the People" Mao Zedong bag isn't cool enough––go figure!


  1. Shitty and chaotic websites with disastrously confusing design, horrible navigation and preferably no RSS feed are always, without exception, the proper way to create a Maoist website.

    I was already on the edge of boycotting your pretty-boy website with the last design, and I'd just like to let you know that I'm completely opposed to this new direction of yours. I'll let it slide since you're still true to blogspot and not selling out like the wordpress trendies.

    For an example of the proper way to design websites:

    true till death


  2. Hahaha... I already sold out wordpress-wise with the other blogs I co-manage. I suppose I'm going revisionist by not adopting the proper brain-hurting and seizure inducing design indicative of clear m-l-m politics.

  3. Let's not forget this classic of design prowess:

    Which sometimes appears as if it were inspired by:

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot about that reactionary zionist website. At least realultimate power was better reading.


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