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Reading In The Time of COVID-19

In this time of a global pandemic, where people are under some form of quarantine, a number of authors are providing links of their work that don't break copyright and/or don't place small presses under extra stress. For those comrades and fellow travellers stuck at home––either luckily being able to work from home, or dealing with unemployment––reading radical theory might be beneficial.

In the spirit of those authors who have already started providing links for free electronic copies of work they can provide links for, I am more than happy to provide similar links of my own work. And if folks are willing to provide me a small appreciation through my paypal account if they are working from home and have the means, that would be nice, but largely that is unnecessary. So here are two links to work of mine that possibly might be worth reading in these interesting times.

The first of these works––my essay trilogy concerning enlightenment, science, and sovereignty––was already made available as a single PDF by Abstrakt. And you should definitely not think about compensating me if you download it… This is simply a reminder that these essays were already presented in a downloadable format and that they might provide a useful rubric for thinking through the current situation. To be clear, since this has been long available for free I am simply pointing out, again, that it is available and that it could be an interesting thing to read (if you haven't already) if you're stuck at home looking for this kind of work.

But I also want to offer the PDF of my first book, The Communist Necessity, as a free download. To be clear, the publisher was about to put out a second edition when the pandemic hit, and so this version will soon be eclipsed by a second edition. Still, aside from some extra documents added before and after the original text, the original text has not been altered. You can download the entire book here. Happy reading!