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Article Out: "Quartermasters of Stadiums and Cemeteries"

Although I'll be posting the next entry in Torsion and Tension soon, since it's hard to find the time to even do copy-editing, I feel it's worth posting an article of mine that was recently published in the Socialist Studies Journal, Quartermasters of Stadiums and Cemeteries.  As faithful readers of this blog will be aware, I have posted often about the problematic of revolutionary strategy.  So here is a more rigorous engagement with this problematic.

Neat looking: 1st article by Himani Bannerji!

Abstract: In this article I examine the problematic of revolutionary strategy and how it is under-theorized at the centres of global capitalism, often confused with the theory of organization.  Arguing that the theory of insurrection is often and uncritically accepted as normative, I discuss the necessity of returning to a critical engagement with the theory of strategy in the context of a modern capitalist military.  By examining Karl Liebknecht's examination of militarism, the a priori acceptance of the theory of insurrection by contemporary theorists in both the communist and anarchist traditions (i.e. Jodi Dean and the Invisible Committee), and the counter-tradition of protracted people's war, I demonstrate that the theory of insurrection is philosophically deficient, unable to account for the problems produced by capitalist militarism and pacification.

Download the PDF here.