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Announcement: I'm restarting Achilles, Powder and Lead

I've decided to restart an old side blog project that was initially intended to be a shared blog with my partner.  The point was to make a joint blog dedicated to engagements with culture (novel reviews, etc.) where we could write some joint articles, maybe have some fun, and where at least I could centralize writing about novels and movies.  We named it Achilles, Powder and Lead after a quote from Marx's Grundrisse and, after a few posts, it became dormant.

Since I've read a lot of novels and watched a lot of films that I would like to review––and since I think these reviews might be anachronistic here––I've decided to restart that blog and link it to this one.  Indeed, in the time that it has been dormant I have read at least three books that I thought were more worthy of review than what I reviewed before: Roberto Bolaño's 2666, Sofia Samatar's A Stranger in Olondria, and Paul Kingsnorth's The Wake… the last of which caused me to restart Achilles, Powder and Lead with a review because I didn't want months to pass without reflecting on a book I thought was brilliant only to forget all of my impressions.

Besides, writing reviews and the like is something of a break from blogging here––it's a writing that is a little more fun since it is not something I do all the time as part of my academic life––and it will probably make me more willing to blog here in a saner and less manic manner.  I'll continue to post the odd review of non-fiction radical texts here (AP&L will be for literature, film, and art) and I'm probably going to write something soon about the 2nd edition of Butch Lee's Jailbreak Out of History.  Oh, and I recently wrote a more coherent review of Robert Biel's The Entropy of Capitalism for the Red Flag magazine.

So for those who didn't know I used to have this other blog, or forgot that it existed when I deleted it from my pages, and are interested in reading my thoughts on The Wake and older things, check out Achilles, Powder and Lead.  Also, it's wordpress so it's better.

(And for those who forgot I had a funny tumblr about my daughter curating my library, check out that as well… I should also probably update that sometime soon.)