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Due to the popularity of some of the larger pieces I've posted on this site, I have decided to make a downloads page.  This page not only centralizes documents such as Maoism or TrotskyismThe Communist Necessity, and the free novella I posted over a year ago, but will also offer various essays from my academic career––some of which I lost interest in and never pushed for publication.  I also plan to eventually centralize some documents I haven't written, but that I've offered on this site before, by organizations I support.

Since my job situation is currently unstable––I currently work as a casualized contract teacher and have to fret over whether or not I have a job come September––I have tagged some of these documents with a "suggested donation" price to encourage readers to donate some money for what they choose to download.  Obviously I understand that some people cannot even afford to donate a dollar, and so am more than happy to keep these documents available for free, but I would like to urge those readers who do have expendable cash to symbolically recognize my labour if and when they choose to download whatever document I have made available.

Although I have been lucky enough to find work that allows me to live a life that, while casualized, is still comfortable, I am also never sure as to when I will find myself jobless and in need of an income to help support my child.  None of this is to say that I am currently underprivileged (I am not, and I am lucky enough to have a partner with a job that is somewhat more stable than mine) but that I am in a situation that might swing into the realm of underprivileged at any moment and when my traditional summer semester Employment Insurance runs out.

Moreover, even though I will continue to maintain this blog (and I apologize for its spottiness in the past few months––childcare takes up so much of my spare time), I would still encourage those faithful readers who have the expendable cash to donate when they are able so as to support my work here, if they think it is worth supporting.  It is humbling to know that I have an audience, even more humbling when some members of this audience do donate (quite often sending me encouraging messages––thank-you for that!), and sometimes rather embarrassing to ask those who have the means to give money to a small leftwing blog for their donations.  But since I currently lack a book deal, and since I have readers who read my posts as they would a book, a small part of me figures that it is worth asking readers to donate in a means-based manner.  And again, I am extremely thankful and humble to those readers who have donated what they were able to donate, as well as the encouraging messages sent along with these donations.

At the moment and aside from those documents that were already offered on this site, the only additional document I have added is an old essay that I retired a few years back but that might be interesting to those readers who know something about Deleuze and Guattari.  I will be adding more of these curiousities in the upcoming months: the download page will continue to grow, though slowly, and will always be worth checking out.

Thanks again for all the support and feel free to let me know what you would like to see on the download page––after all, there is a chance that I might have an aborted essay wasting away in my documents folder that could be given a new life on this blog.


  1. Great to hear you are making your work into a downloadable format! As for an idea on writing, have you considered something along the lines of the international current of pan-socialist tankieism/Brezhnevism in the world? You know the types that support without question the Soviet invasions in Afghanistan, defend to the hilt Syria, DPRK, Iran, Russia, China from any criticism whatsoever. In the latter's case even promoting the absurdity of telling people to read the Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping. Really some of the most banal types of "Marxists" out there. Here in the States much of the "left" is dominated by these tankie opportunists.

    1. I have not considered writing on the tankie phenomenon. If I did, however, it would probably be as a blog post and not an extended document since this is a topic that would not sustain my interest for very long. Not that I don't think it is important to counter this kind of thinking, of course...


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