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Yet Again: Shameless [partially] Self Promotion [but of new joint blog]

Over the past year and a half this blog, which has always pretty eclectic, has developed an audience that is less interested in my posts about movies and books and art.  Interestingly enough, in the first year of my blog the only posts that garnered any traffic beyond my friend and comrade circles were those posts about movies and books.  Indeed, the first post that was ever reblogged was my long analysis of Pascal Laugier's Martyrs.  Now my reviews and analyses of art and literature and film generate far less traffic than other posts, so I stopped blogging about the cultural sphere of the superstructure about a year ago.

(This is not to say that I am interested in only blogging about those subjects that garner the most traffic.  If that was the case, I would blog only about obituaries of people I disliked.  After all, my posts about the late Jack Layton and the late Vaclav Havel are so far my most popular. [The latter received over 1000 hits on the first day of its posting!  People really do like reading complaints about dead people!]  I'm not lying when I say I was tempted to turn this blog into nothing more than exercise on pissing on the graves of personages I dislike…)

Since I still like blogging about books and films and music and such, but am now aware that this site is not necessarily the appropriate place to blog about these things (as eclectic and weird as I sometimes get), I've decided to diversify and move said "cultural" blogging to another site devoted only to rantings and ravings of the sphere of the so-called "arts."  (Except for reviews and analyses of academic books which shall remain on this site.)  This decision was also prompted by my partner who is a cultural worker and who has been bugging me for some time to start a joint blog with her where we can write about these sorts of things separately and together.  A blog with a theme!  A better name!  A better URL!  How could I resist? (Answer to hanging question: I could not.)

During the holidays, ending with today, we slowly cobbled together a blog over at wordpress which is called Achilles, Powder & Lead (if you don't get the reference, it's in the "About" section of that blog).  Aside from general reviews and analyses we even have some ideas about running series' [one which is tentatively entitled "Soundtracks of Our Adolescent Lives" where we blog about relistening to music that used to mean something to us when we were teenagers], and about doing joint blogs about books/movies/installations we experienced together.

Hopefully those readers who still like my often crude analysis of cultural products will visit Achilles, Powder & Lead in the future.  And if you don't like my analysis, then maybe you'll like my partner's analysis––she is more qualified, after all, to speak about these things… hell, most of my taste and analysis in this area was influenced by her to begin with.

I shall be putting this new blog on my blogroll post-haste––I even have a review to start it off.  But since I don't write about cultural things that much these days, and my academic training makes me more inclined to philosophize/theorize/rant/blather about politics, MLM Mayhem will still be my blog priority.  Also, don't expect the posts to be too frequent: my partner is responsible for the next one and, since she currently has more employed-job responsibilities than me, will probably be slower in blogging.

Now... If only some of you readers would start submitting your brilliant essays to my call-out at 100 Flowers Press