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Upcoming Event: this ain't your grandpa's communism! (episode 1)

The following event, taking place this Saturday in Toronto, is one that I helped organize.  I'm also going to be speaking briefly on the three person panel––though most of the panel time will go to the brilliant Rachel Gorman.  I know that some of those who read this blog don't live in Toronto, but I know that many of these readers would attend if they could.

The Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee will be launching the 1st Episode of our 3-Part Summer Workshop Series. These workshops are OPEN and FREE to the public. The aim of this educational series is to develop, through lively collective discussion and debates, our understanding of Communist theory and politics in the contemporary era. Ultimately, these will help us understand and shape the struggle against a system that puts profits before the well-being of all peoples!

Please join us for Episode 1: “This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Communism! Connecting Race, Gender and Sexuality to Class Politics”

Presentation by Professor Rachel Gorman and members of the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee to be followed by open discussion.

ACCENTS BOOKSTORE (1790 Eglinton Avenue West @ Dufferin Street )


  1. This sounds amazing; I wish I could be there!

  2. Yes, wish you could be there... And hopefully it will be amazing. I suspect there will be some controversy, though, either issuing from the opposing poles of "class essentialism" or "identity politics"!


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