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Continuity and Rupture: upcoming book has release date

Long time readers and supporters! My upcoming book with Zero, Continuity and Rupture, will be released early December and I hope that all of you, if you possess the means, will support it so as to let progressive publishers know that the Maoist turn in theory/philosophy is not unpopular. Since many of you supported my last book with Kersplebedeb (and from what I heard there was recently a reading group dedicated to The Communist Necessity in Austin) I figure you'll do the same with this one… But because it's larger and with Zero it's about three times more expensive in dead tree (around $30 instead of $10) but much cheaper as an ebook.

Yeah, I sympathize with the wallet strain and I get that the pricing of this kind of book is a detriment to those it speaks to most directly. All I can say is that I hope that those of you who do possess the means, or can at least plan ahead to salvage the means, care enough about supporting this sort of politics to let Zero know that it's worth producing more of these kinds of texts by purchasing mine. If it sells well then the publisher will be willing to take a chance on similar titles and I believe it's important to encourage this kind of opening.

In any case, now that Continuity and Rupture [subtitled philosophy in the Maoist terrain] is going to print I'm looking for people who are interested in reviewing it for various periodicals and/or are keen on promoting it through book launches. If you want to review it, and have a journal/publication in mind for the review, I can possibly send you a PDF copy of the contents but you need to confirm that you can write such a review and that you have a journal/publication in mind [Please Note: someone has already confirmed for Marx & Philosophy Review of Books.] before I can send the publisher approved PDF. If you are interested in hosting a book launch after December let me know about possible dates and where and I'll be happy to coordinate––if I can't afford to travel to where you're at I'm more than happy to arrange a Skype event.

Here is the front/spine/back of Continuity and Rupture:

Note the wonderful endorsements from Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Gabriel Kuhn, both authors whose work I seriously respect. There's three more lovely endorsements in the book's interior from Julian Jason Haladyn, Rachel Gorman, and Esteve Morera.

Finally, in the interest of promoting this book according to the gap between it and The Communist Necessity, as I mentioned in a previous post I'm putting out a serialized extended essay on Medium. If you haven't started reading it already the first part of this essay is here, the second is here, and the third and final parts are forthcoming.

[And if you haven't already, check out The Communist Necessity published by Kersplebedeb in 2014.


  1. Thanks for the information. Question: do you know, yet, of any possible ebook-print special with the publication of this book as with the last? Let me clarify: I bought your previous book on Amazon. When I bought the print copy I received the Kindle version for free. Do you know if there will be a similar deal here now that the publisher is different? Thank you in advance.

    1. I have no idea since I have nothing to do with distribution, selling, etc. Seems more likely to be something that is decided by the retail site, i.e. Amazon made the decision to do that deal with my last book I think and maybe they will do so again. (I've bought books from Amazon before where they've done this.) But if they don't, and you buy the book and want a soft copy, I can send you a PDF!

    2. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it and will be sure to let you know if I buy the print copy. I'll likely buy it since December is a ways away. Looking forward to it; far too few militant MLM works out there these days.

    3. Thanks! There are far too few MLM works being published, that's for sure, especially at the centres of global capitalism. Thankfully there's a lot of comrades in my generation and younger that might change that; we just need a few openings. Openings that myself and a bunch of others have been trying to make in the intellectual frontier, and hopefully we can prise them a bit wider. Theoretical struggle and all that.

  2. What will be some good books to study about the world Maoist Movement starting from Peru to USA,Europe?
    Another question: what was the relation between RCP-USA and the Black Panther Party back in 1970s when both were in active form?

    1. Not a lot has been written on this in proper book form. Best thing is to look up anything and everything published on EROL, AWTW to see the movement explain itself. As for the RCP-USA and the BPP, I'm not an expert on the relationship. I know that in the early days they were very interrelated, and that eventually a bunch of former BPP cadre joined the RU/RCP-USA, but from what I can tell the RCP-USA ended up alienating a lot of this cadre during the Boston Bussing Crisis. Some stuff about this was mentioned in the recently published *Heavy Radicals* but something more focused on this issue should be written.


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