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Review of "Turning Money Into Rebellion"

Kersplebedeb and PM Press recently released Turning Money Into Rebellion, edited by Gabriel Kuhn, a book that tells the story of the so-called "Blekingegade Group", an assemblage of "undercover revolutionaries" within a broader Marxist organization.  From the 1960s to the 1980s this group robbed the Danish state so as to send funds to third world revolutionary organizations.  They did so because of their theory about the non-revolutionary status of the first world working-class, a theoretical position that prefigures what is often called "Third Worldism", and so their experience is significant insofar as it details the ways in which this view of revolution and class composition can be implemented in practice.

My full review of the book is at Marx & Philosophy Review of Books and I urge interested readers to check it out and, if the review sounds interesting, read Turning Money Into Rebellion.  I didn't have the space to mention it in the review due to word count limitations, but I would like to add that this book is also a very engaging and fun read. Even if you disagree with these revolutionaries' political line you will still be able to learn something from their experience and their insights about the contemporary situation.