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Promotion: Third National Conference of the Revolutionary Student Movement

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) has just released a call-out for its third organizational conference, to be held in Montreal on March 1-2 of this year, and I have been asked to post the call-out here.  Between the first (which was in Toronto) and the second (which was in Ottawa) conference the RSM expanded significantly and, if the rate of growth is any indication the conference in Montreal will be larger and expansive than the previous conference.

As with the other conferences, this RSM conference is aimed at expanding the organization and the politics (which are sympathetic to, because this is a mass organization initially sponsored by, the PCR-RCP), breaking from the tired student leftism of the past, and assessing whether or not the previous goals and commitments have been met by all of the RSM affiliated groups across Canada since the fall conference.

In any case, if anyone who reads this blog and lives in Canada is interested, please go to the Conference Call-out page where you can read a thorough description of this conference and register.  For those who live in Toronto, the Toronto branch of the RSM will be doing some activities and educationals leading up to the conference to encourage more people to participate.