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Boycott Elections!

For those comrades working in Canada, now under the impending manifestation of the May 2nd Federal Elections, the Boycott Elections 2011 website is now up and running.  More materials will be posted soon, as will other information (regarding events, etc.), but the official posters, in both French and English, are available in the "Materials" section.

Check out the fancy poster that can be yours if you visit and download your very own PDF to distribute (because we know you want to) in your own city, much to the distress of the bourgeoisie!!!

Contact information is also available if you would like to get involved in whatever city you're based.  Clearly the sudden call for an elections makes the possibility of running this campaign rather manic, so the more hands the merrier.  All anti-capitalists/anti-imperialists are welcome to participate and use this campaign as an opportunity to propagate their ideology.

Also, some of my Canadian blogger comrades have expressed interested in distributing the up-and-coming RCP-PCR-initiated coalition newspaper, The Partisan, that will hopefully be rolling off the presses on April 15th.  Some of you have sent me emails (and sometimes my responses have bounced back from these emails thus preventing me from replying) expressing such interest; if you have anonymous P.O. Boxes by now, or some other comfortable method of receiving the newspaper, feel free to privately email me those if you're still interested in distributing the upcoming newspaper.  (Note again: if you don't receive a reply, it's because of email troubles.)

Once more: if you're living in Canada, and are not hypnotized by social democracy, please support the campaign: send us support comments, emails, endorsements; distribute the poster and upcoming flyer.


  1. thought you would wanna know that we have launched a election boycott campaign here in the states.

  2. Awesome: I read your post about it last night. It will be interesting to see where this will lead on either side of the border. You should write some comment about this on the boycott elections website.

  3. It has been met with mainly hostile resistance lol. Whats the website I will post a comment!

  4. Here we have hostile resistance in some sectors - generally the mainstream socialist left - but a lack of hostility in those sectors not filled with the usual suspects. The website is on my blogroll and on the first link of this post, but I'll write it down again:

  5. good things,but you have to provide more information about boycoting election,

  6. There is a lot of information on the website mentioned above, including radio interviews, etc., and there are also the five posts I wrote on the topic. This entry was simply an announcement.

  7. The time is now to boycott the elections and create a NATIONWIDE CLEAN HOUSE 2012 campaign where we the 99% should sweep the house from both sides of the fence and kick out all these bums who are destroying our country due to greed on a massive scale even if we have to vote for all newbies to send a strong message.

  8. I'm not sure what this strange email means. The point of the boycott campaign, started by the PCR-RCP in Quebec, is to organize against bourgeois democracy, not "sweep the house." The house needs to be done away with altogether. As for the "99%", about 20% of that 99 are the petty-bourgeois and police who will defend the interests of the 1% tooth and nail.

  9. well before we totally do away with it we need a format concept or society like the Zeitgiest movementand or Venus project combined.

    1. No. The last thing we need is a return to fabian socialism which belongs in the past. Marx and Engels already demonstrated the limitations of this way of thinking in the nineteenth century––which is where the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus project belong. What we need is revolutionary communism, not some garbage utopianism.


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