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The Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (PCR-RCP) is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party that was founded as a party in Quebec in 2006.  Even before its official party founding, however, some of its founding elements were active as the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees) and, before that, Acion Socialiste.

(It is not affiliated with the RCP-USA, and simply because it also brands itself as "revolutionary" and "communist" should not be confused with having any theoretical or practical similarities to the Avakianites.  And note that, unlike the Avakianites, I do not support or sympathize with the PCR-RCP in the same dogmatic, glassy-eyed way where I reject other revolutionary organizations that are doing great work in my social context.)

As a sympathizer/supporter of the PCR-RCP, I have written several articles expressing why I see them as the only current revolutionary party in the context of Canada, and articles that have referenced their activities and theoretical approach in other contexts.  On this page I've centralized the links to those articles for easy reference, as well as links to the official party site and other party affiliated sites and information.

A. Some PCR-RCP General Information:

B. My Blog Articles: